property in Italy

Why property in Italy?

Due to a whole list of property tax reforms, weather, scenery, accessibility and some very fine wine, Italy has long been on the preferred list of retirees and property investors alike. This, coupled with an enthusiastic approach to tourism from the government, makes the buy to let returns in Italy attractive. The regions of Italy are indeed varied from the mountainous regions of Calabra to the seaside resorts of Le Marhe insuring that whatever you taste you will find a place to your liking.

The architecture is similarly varied and is a reflection on the region you really can tell where you are by the local houses and government buildings.

The Mediterranean island of Sardinia is shrouded with mystery, romance and intrigue. Like most islands the locals have a certain mentality which only enhances the sense of fun that encapsulates one of the most famous islands in the world.

In Italy, property has risen sharply in the last few years and with the drop in sterling this has made quite a difference in the number of investors from the UK, however, German and Scandinavian investors are still finding value in the market. The price rise has been almost exclusively driven by overseas investors making the rural and ruined property valuable whereas before the locals put very little value on it.

property in Italy

A few things to be taken into consideration when you are considering buying a rural house in Italy the first is water not all properties are connected to it and a well is rarely sufficient all year round you will need a bore hole or mains. Electricity, if it?s not nearby the property it can be very expensive to acquire and if it?s more than a few hundred meters from the nearest on grid property then it may be more cost effective to go for alternative forms of energy.

Check for rights of way, these are not always apparent and near impossible to change, it can be extremely upsetting for any number of reasons, such as the local goat herder traipsing through your newly laid flowerbed, or tractors across your lawn it?s rare that folk are so belligerent but not unheard of, it is definitely worth checking.

property in Italy

Perhaps most importantly is to pay attention to the climate, it usually is the reason you are moving there in the first place altitude is more important than latitude in Italy after all in Sicily it is possible to ski in the winter.