Palm Jumeirah apartments

Palm Jumeirah Apartments

The Palms Islands in Dubai is known as one of the architectural wonders ever created by man. It lies in the Persian Gulf, just a few metres off the coast of the city of Dubai. It is aptly named because it resembles a giant palm frond with a ring or halo surrounding it. It is both a residential and commercial property area and within it lies the Palm Jumeirah Apartments.

The Palm Jumeirah Apartments redefines what our common notion of waterfront living can be specifically with the palm shape of the islands. In one of these islands is the Palm Jumeirah located and it has a number of residential developments including villas, apartments and luxury hotels. Among the well-known names in the hotel industry that can be found in the Palm Jumeirah are the Hilton, Raddison, and Shangri La.

What attracts most people to move into the Palm Jumeirah is the exceptional chance to buy or to buy and sell such prestigious and beautifully located residential Dubai properties. Nowhere in the world can you find such an exotic location for a waterfront residence. An example for this is the Lighthouse Hotel and Residence. It currently offers a 99-year lease period for all of its 200 apartments. These apartments are being offered in two, three and four bedroom units. The Lighthouse Hotel and Residence is such named because of its light that projects a ray in the shape of an arch across the the Palm Jumeirah, the other islands, and into the Persian Gulf. When you get the chance to view this nightly spectacle from one of the Palm Jumeirah Apartments, it will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

Palm Jumeirah apartments

One other location within the Palm Jumeirah where people also buy a property is the Palm Residence. It is composed of two buildings, called the Al Nabat and the Al Haseer. Its residents all enjoy access to a private portion of the beach and also to its clubhouse. All of these add to the general feeling of living in a resort instead of just in an apartment as the Palm Jumeirah Apartments surely offers more than just living space. Another great thing about choosing a residence here is that it does not matter on which side you are on, as you will always have a great view out of your window, either of the gardens or of the beautiful sea.

If it is luxury that you want to experience with the Palm Jumeirah Apartments, you will find the residential units of the Marina Residences more to your taste. It lies on the northern tip of what is called the trunk of the island and it has six luxury residential buildings. Inside these buildings are about 850 apartment villas and also 12 penthouses and 30 separate townhouses. Such a variety of residential units ensures that there will always be the right type of residence for every family.

When you want to live in a unique locale and in the world famous the Palms Islands, you can never go wrong with making an investment on the Palm Jumeirah Apartments. It is luxury living right by the side of the sea.